Larry Brown


ElBee Kanobe


College Founder 



Religious Studies

Dark Artes Teacher

El Bee is a long time magician and Elder in the St. Louis pagan community. He is the co-founder of the St. Louis Pagan Picnic, now in its twenty fifth year and is a Board Member Emeritus since removing himself from the day to day responsibilities of such a huge gathering.

El Bee is also on the Board of Directors of Oak Spirit Sanctuary and is an Elder of Yarrow Coven of St. Louis since 1989.

For the last 7 years,he has held the position of Dean of Religious Studies at the College of Occult Science while also teaching the courses “The Magickal Equation” and “Dark Arts”.

He has hosted a radio show, lectured at a variety of schools and colleges, organized retreats, conventions and sabbat gatherings and has presented countless workshops over the years.

El Bee is a follower of North American Eclectic Wicca. Don’t let the name fool you

Elbee Kanobe