Jessica Becker



College Admin


Kitchen Witchery Teacher


Tinkering Kitchen Witches

Organizer & Blog Writer

As of March 2015 Firewolf joined the college staff and became its Kitchen Witchery teacher providing classes such as "Exploring the Path of Kitchen Witchery" an intro class on that path, "Medicine bags for all Occasions " and "Sabbat Food".

She, along with Mamaj host the Tinkering Kitchen Witches club, and write for the " A Tinkering Kitchen Witch" blog. Outside of that Firewolf provides the college with tech support, taking care of the majority of its online and social media needs among other administrative duties.

Since 1999 Firewolf has dedicated herself to the many paths of paganism and personal spiritual discovery. As a child she studied under and was mentored by El bee, His wife Cheryl Brown, and Yarrow Coven.

In 2007 she became a full fledged member of Yarrow Coven, and began to help them with organizing various festivals, events and gatherings such as Yarrow's Annual Mabon celebration and Pagan Picnic.

She now provides her own workshop at Mabon called the "Community Stew ". She was also the Head of security for Pagan picnic for four years and is now the Head of the Site and Operations Department. As of July 2018 she is serving a 3 year term of Picnic's board of Directors as well.