Years ago The College of Occult Science wished to put on an event that brought all the various groups, clubs, and covens in the greater St. Louis, Missouri area and beyond together. This was the thought that sparked the creation of Grand Sabbat, it was 2011!

Grand Sabbat is meant to be an event, that everyone is welcome to. That each walk of life is represented. That every organization, group, club, and coven attends. That everyone makes an appearance in a show of unity, wholeness, and strength of our community together.

Six years now ( as this was written Aug. 1st, 2017 ), Grand Sabbat has slowly built upon this dream and made it a reality. As each year more and more people and groups joined the crowd. Our Grand Sabbat has been graced with the attendants of Harmony's Flame. CDDB Charity, Yarrow Coven, Jekhip, and the wonderful Crew out at Oak Spirit Sanctuary.

The event's themes and rituals have evolved in a way to promote growth and closeness for the community and ourselves. It all started with the theme of the first harvest, to the exploration of the nine realms and this last year's theme Making the Impossible, Possible.

Workshops, meditations, and crafts put on by members of the college and special guests alike, to fortify each year's theme and goals. We've done group face paintings, guided meditations and created possibility hats just to name a few.

As the event continues to grow, our goal is for the community to do so as well. For one to feed into the other.

Consider this your and whatever groups you may be a part of. As your official formal invite to join us for 2018's Grand Sabbat. If it is to just attend, to represent some aspect of our community, or to help put on a workshop, or ritual. You and everyone, are invited to join us.

Grand Sabbat 2017

Making the Impossible Possible - That was the theme for 2017's Grand Sabbat Festival. This year as we celebrated the first harvest of the season with the community, we wanted everyone who attended to walk away with a very personal harvest.

A harvest of knowledge, that each and everyone one of us has the ability to do anything and everything. Even that which we believe to be the impossible.

Friday evening everything officially started as Firewolf led opening circle. Short, sweet and to the point the tone for the weekend was set.

Hours later, for all those who were able to make it. They were given the honor to bare witness to Alessandra's and Ted's handfasting.

A beautiful ceremony Led by Karen Doerhoff, with El Bee as her acting High Priest. There wasn't a dry eye in the house, as everyone burst with joy and happiness for the newly wed couple.

The pair had prepared a feast to be shared by all, which included a perfectly roasted pig. Everyone dined under a beautiful arbor built and decorated by the amazing women in Harmony's Flame. It was a night where celebration filled the air with laughter and love into the wee hours.

Saturday, the morning was kicked off with a guided meditation by Lady Hawke. She helped to guide everyone to a personal bottomless rabbit hole where all their "I Can't" thoughts could go, never to return.

With all that negativity gone, The College decided it was best to have a little fun. So they put on a Mad Hatter tea party. The arbor from the handfasting was decorated in Alice and Wonderland esque style. Tea was made, alcoholic and none. Everyone was asked to bring a tea party inspired pot luck lunch item.

As you can see from the pictures on the left, the food was plentiful. Tea was served to everyone, the food was munched, and those who dared had their tea leaves read!

Shortly after, blankets were laid, pillows fluffed and a giant stuffed caterpillar later ElBee had everyone join him in some hooka smoking. With full bellies and beautiful shade, the group lazied around to smoke and discuss whatever whim came to mind.

The weekend's magickal item: Our Possible Hat! The College provided everyone with several hats to choose from, and Angel led the workshop. With bins, bags, and buckets full of items to decorate our hats, we were instructed to make a hat that gave us the ability to make the impossible possible.

We are all custom to wearing several different hats, for example, the "hat" we were to work, that puts us in the mindset to get the job done. Our Possible hats were there to put us in the mindset to remember we are magickal and have the ability to make anything we desire happen.

That if we should ever forget this, all we had to do was put on our possible hat!

To the left, you can see several hats people made.

As day time trickled into twilight, the main ritual was set to start. The wonderful ritual team ( Mystic Muse, Avviane, Cheryl Brown, MamaJ, Bev, El Bee, and Firewolf ) Led by Angel put on a spectacular rite.

Angel who acted as both the Divine Feminine and Male brought in the energy and delivered a beautiful service. We were reminded how our bodies were made of magick and star dust. That with in us, was the wild and the unknown. That she was us, and we were her. That we should not fear but embrace the spontaneous. Shed the nay says, and the can not/s. To take back that which is our own, and to shine brilliantly.

We cast away our doubts into the fire and then broke bed for cakes and ale.

The ritual fire was tended to, as some drumming and singing followed afterward. There was plenty of laughter as a game of cards against humanity broke out on the nearby picnic tables, and some of the camps broke out into cackling laughter.

All in all 2017 Grand Sabbat was a beautiful weekend that embraced fellowship and fed the soul. It left us all with full hearts, already anticipating next years festival.

History of Grand Sabbat

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